• Technology Department Purpose

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    The Technology Department is charged with supporting all of the technology users in the district from kindergarten students who are learning colors and letters playing a computer game to the superintendent and board members modeling financial decisions. All computers, printers, scanners, laptops, network hardware and software, and related equipment require support and the Technology staff is up to the task! If you have questions or need support, please contact us.

    First Name Last Name Position Email
    Ryan Archer Ed Tech Coordinator ryan.archer@smusd.org
    Lance Barcoma Systems Support Technician III lance.barcoma@smusd.org
    Sami Belmonte Systems Support Technician IV, Analyst sami.belmonte@smusd.org
    Micah Boggs Systems Support Technician V, Engineer micah.boggs@smusd.org
    Lisha Brunache Ed Tech TOSA lisha.brunache@smusd.org
    Tony Cabral Coordinator of Technology Operations tony.cabral@smusd.org
    Stephanie Casperson Director of Educational Technology stephanie.casperson@smusd.org
    Rosa Duenas Administrative Assistant rosa.duenas@smusd.org
    Jon Gerlock Systems Support Technician I jon.gerlock@smusd.org
    Sameh Grais Systems Support Tech III sameh.grais@smusd.org
    Alfredo Hernandez Systems Support Technician V, Engineer alfredo.hernandez@smusd.org
    Dave Hughes Systems Support Technician III dave.hughes@smusd.org
    Christopher Jue Systems Support Technician III christopher.jue@smusd.org
    Barbara Lamb Systems Support Technician I barbara.lamb@smusd.org
    Ngan Nguyen System Support Technician III ngan.nguyen@smusd.org
    Joe Poltl Systems Support Technician III joe.poltl@smusd.org
    Laura Sugano Ed Tech TOSA laura.sugano@smusd.org
    Adina Sullivan-Marlow Ed Tech Coordinator adina.sullivan@smusd.org
    Ron Tackett Systems Support Technician III ron.tackett@smusd.org
    Juan Utrilla Systems Support Technician II juan.utrilla@smusd.org
    Hector Velarde Systems Support Technician V, Engineer hector.velarde@smusd.org
    Ryan Walker Systems Support Technician III ryan.walker@smusd.org
    Richard Zarzosa Systems Support Technician III richard.zarzosa@smusd.org

Last Modified on November 19, 2014