• SMUSD Academic and Curricular Policiesboy reading


    Paloma Elementary School, as part of the San Marcos Unified School District, follows a set curriculum outlined by the California State Content Standards for kindergarten through fifth grade. All content standards for each curricular area are outlined on the California Department of Education's website at cde@ca.gov.

    Homework Policy
    Homework is an important part of the educational program, and will be assigned on a regular basis. Homework is assigned using the following district guidelines:
    Grades 1-3; 15-20 mins./ 3-4 days a week
    Grades 4-5; 30-45 mins./ 3-4 days a week

    The Child's responsibility:
    • Understand and know how to do the assignment
    • Have the necessary materials
    • Follow study techniques outlined by the teacher
    • Strive for the best quality of work of which s/he is capable
    • Complete and return assignments on time
    The Parent's responsibility:
    • Provide the child with a quiet place and adequate time to do homework
    • Encourage the child to do his best work
    • Encourage the use of good study habits and completion of assignments
    • Remind the child to bring all materials back to school each day  
      Report Cards 
      Report cards are sent home twice a year at the end of each semester. Report cards are based on mastery of grade level standards. In November, we hold Parent Teacher Conferences where teachers set goals for their students and discuss how each student is progressing.