• Warehouse Services

    The District maintains a Warehouse facility for the purposes of having a centralized receiving location, maintaining a Stores Inventory of supplies for the District staff, as well as the storage of District records which require retention for a specified period of time. The Warehouse staff, (Warehouse Supervisor and a Warehouse Driver), is responsible for the verification of each received order against the original Purchase Order, fulfilling and delivering all items ordered from Stores Inventory, as well as the:

    *Preparation and boxing of materials for UPS shipment

    *Daily interoffice mail delivery to all schools and the District Office

    *Daily mail delivery of U.S. Mail to the Post Office

    Questions regarding delivery discrepancies, order status, and follow-up on Purchase Orders should be forwarded directly to the Purchasing Department. Please do not call the Warehouse regarding these issues.


    Questions regarding delivery discrepancies, order status, and follow-up on Stock Requistions should be sent to Warehouse Staff Directly.


    In order for the Warehouse staff to schedule the many additional services that are requested, a Special Request for Warehouse Services form must be submitted directly to the Warehouse Supervisor. This form is to be utilized any time that a site/department is requesting a service above and beyond the Warehouse staff's regularly scheduled responsibilities, including, but not limited to the following services:

    *The moving of equipment or furniture from one site to another

    *Pick up and delivery of boxes to various sites which cannot be accommodated on the daily mail delivery

    *Pick up or delivery requests for records in storage

    *UPS shipments

    *Pick up of Bulk Mail supplies at the Post Office

    Please allow five (5) working days for the scheduling and completion of your request.

    Warehouse Catalogs are distributed via email by the Purchasing Department to each school’s office manager and each department secretary, whenever catalog updates are made.  The Warehouse Catalog may also be viewed on the electronic purchase order system by typing in the screen name: STKCAT, and transmitting.  See link below for the most recent Catalog as well. 

    Important Warehouse Forms:

Last Modified on August 23, 2017