Locate your school of residence by using the SCHOOLSITE LOCATOR by clicking the icon below.  The 2018-19 attendance areas are under construction and will be available shortly. Attendance area maps are available for review cleck here Attendance Area Maps

    SchoolSite Locator

    This interactive online map is for current school year boundaries and not reflect the recent changes. We are working on updating the site to reflect the 2018-19 changes. Thank you for your patience   
    To find your school of residence for 2017-18 only, click to use the  School Site Locator
    If you do not know the specific address, or if it cannot be found, just click anywhere on the map to find the schools for that neighborhood.
    If your address is not displaying, please contact this office at (760)-290-2649
     How to use "SCHOOL SITE LOCATOR" system:
    1. Click "School Site Locator" to open map
    2. Type in your street address (i.e. 1234 Main St) in the white box located in the upper left corner
    3. A push pin locator will appear on the map corresponding to the address entered
    4. A box will appear with the home schools assigned to your address. The school's address, phone and website will be also listed.
    Under "School Action" there are directions available to your school.
    Disclaimer: This website map application is intended to provide general information as to schools of
    assignment for addresses within the school district. The completeness or accuracy of the mapping
     is not guaranteed nor should the user assume the results as a guarantee of student placement at any school.
     Capacity limitations at campuses within the school district may require that your child attend a school
    other than your indicated home school.
    If you have questions, please contact Facilities at 760-290-2649.
Last Modified on March 5, 2018