Welcome to the 2017-18 school year and the La Costa Meadows Parent Teacher Organization!  Our PTO Executive Board has been working closely with the administration to make plans and budget for the year ahead and with this in mind we launch:
           THE 2017-18 WAVE FUND
          (Annual Cash Drive Fundraiser) 
    WAVE FUND FORM                

    This annual cash drive helps provide LCM students with a more comprehensive education while also supporting our dedicated teachers and staff. The WAVE is our single largest fundraiser and supporting this program is your cash donations.  

    Our goals: $50,000 and 100% participation
    The WAVE supports: art, music, science, technology and more!
    Our kids deserve every opportunity we can give them. We invite you to review the budget and all PTO web pages - submit your ideas and advice or even better find a way to involve yourself in the solutions. Our universal challenge is to minimize our expenses and yet maximize our community experiences!
     Please consider contributing to the WAVE as generously as you are able. You can make a one-time donation of any amount.  We greatly appreciate any amount you are able to put toward the WAVE Fund. All donations are tax deductible. Any credit card or PAYPAL payments will be subject to a 3% processing fee.
    LCM-PTO is eligible for corporate matching gifts. Please check with your human resource department to see if your gift can be matched!
                                             Contact any Debbie Fresca djb0114@aol.com


    Wave logo  

    Here's a commonly asked question: Why do we need all this fundraising? I pay taxes. Don't they cover all of our school costs?

    Answer: Your tax dollars do NOT cover all expenses. The PTO fundraises to pay for the following:

    1.    Music teacher salary. 

    2.    Science garden teacher salary & supplies.

    3.    Art Docent fees & supplies.

    4.    All technology, iPads, notebook, laptops, computers, carts and cords.

    5.    All program updates, licenses and registrations on campus technology. 

    6.    Supporting teachers and instructional aids for training, substitute teacher fees for testing/evaluation purposes and classroom supplies.

    7.    Supervisors before school and during detention.

    8.    PE equipment.

    9.    Supports and provides supplies for the Track Team, Student Council, Safety Patrol, Spelling Bee registration, GATE program and Math programs. 

    10. All assemblies on campus.

    11. Grade level books as required per school year, especially now with COMMON CORE implemented.

    12. All student planners for grades 3-5.

    13. All licensing fees for online programs.

    14. All subscriptions and registration for magazines and online programs for each grade level per year.

    15. Supplies, including but not limited to copy paper.

    16. Fees associated with the copy machines that the District does not cover.

    17. Provides for student scholarships for those unable to attend field trips and transportation fees.  

    18. Biztown experience for 5th graders.

    19. At the beginning of the school year, the PTO provides over $2,500 in gift cards for each teacher to ensure they have necessary classroom supplies.

    20. Provides for teacher appreciation, monthly teacher treats, the teachers’ annual luncheon and the welcome back breakfast for the staff and teachers. 

    21. Provides funds for 5th grade promotion.

    22. Provides funds for STAR testing fees and supplies.

    23. EZ Ups/Canopies for on campus events and to shade the Science garden.

    24. Safety Measures on campus (wireless communications and headsets).

    25. AR Reading Program fees and licenses – an expense which the District will no longer cover.

    26. Retirement and bereavement expenses for LCM.

    27. Matching t-shirts for all the staff to promote Dolphin Way.

    28. Insurance for every on campus event. 

    29. Library supplies and books

    30. Family and Community building events for LCM families.

    31. Numerous expenses and fees the SMUSD no longer can cover for LCM.


    This is why your child and your school desperately need your WAVE donation, in any amount. 
    Help your PTO help your child and their education!