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    Welcome to Kindergarten
    with Mrs. Williams

    EMAIL: lisa.williams@smusd.org 

    Phone: 760-290-2199 ext. 3101
    Kindergarten Technology
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    StorylineonlineClick onOnline to hear some great actors reading reading stories. Follow along as they read and then take an AR test at school.
     Robert Munsch Stories Listen to a Robert Munsch story and then take an AR test at school.
     Little Critter Stories Listen to Mercer Mayer's Little Critter stories. 
    Clifford Stores Listen to Clifford the Big Read Dog stories.

    Welcome to Kindergarten at Paloma Elementary!

    Room K1: AM Abby Juillerat Room K2: AM Sloan Power

                       Brooke Rasmussen

    PM   Lisa Williams                    PM Amy Poyuzina

    Room 11:  AM    Corine Foster

      PM    Katie Boring and Amy Chamberlin

    Your teachers can be reached through email or telephone.  The K1 teachers can be reached at (760)290-2199 ext. 3101.  

    The K2 teachers can be reached at (760) 290-2199 ext. 3102. Room 11 teachers can  be reached at 3111.

    The email addresses are as follows:

    Abby Juillerat: Abby.Juillerat@smusd.org

    Lisa Williams: Lisa.Williams@smusd.org

    Brooke Rasmussen: Brooke.Rasmussen@smusd

    Sloan Power: Sloan.Power@smusd.org

    Amy Poyuzina: Amy.Poyuzina@smusd.org

    Corine Foster Corine.Foster@smusd.org

    Katherine Boring Boring.Chamberlin@gmail.com

    Amy Chamberlin   Boring.Chamberlin@gmail.com

    AM  8:15-11:50               PM  11:50-3:25

    Wednesday:  8:15-10:50               Wednesday:  11:50-2:25

             Kindergarten Weekly Occurrences

    Playground supervision will not be provided until ten minutes before school starts.  Supervision for AM kindergarten will begin at 8:05, and supervision for PM kindergarten will begin at 11:40.  Anyone arriving prior to supervised playtime must remain outside of the gate.  This is an extremely important guideline, as our school’s insurance will not cover any unsupervised children on our playgrounds.  Parents are not allowed on the playground.  We ask that parent volunteers check in at the office and return through the classroom door.

    First Day Separation:  We realize that this can be a very difficult time for both you and your child.  If your child has a difficult time separating from you at the gate, we ask that you please leave as soon as one of the teachers has taken your child’s hand.  Quick goodbyes = less cries.

    Dismissal: A name card will be provided for you to use if you choose to pick up your child in the drive thru.  Please stay in your vehicle, visibly hold the card, and we will get your child to you as quickly as possible.  Please be prompt when picking up your child.  Any child who is not picked up on time will be taken to the office.  If you realize that you are going to be late, please call the office and the office staff will let both your child and their teacher know.  When your child is aware that you will be late, they are less likely to be upset.  

    Snack:  There will be a twenty minute recess during the kindergarten day.  If you feel that your child will need a snack, you may send it with them.  Please remember that this should be a snack and not a lunch.  The children are eager to play, and they often throw away the larger snacks from home.  Please note that candy is not allowed at Paloma.  If you would like your child to have breakfast/lunch, please see the cafeteria form enclosed.

    Nut Allergy: There will be a “No Nuts!” table on the playground, so that the students who are allergic will have a minimized exposure to peanut oil.  If your child does bring snacks with nuts, please be sure to send a baby wipe so that they can clean their hands.  Please remind your child that sharing of snacks is not allowed.

    Backpacks:  Please send a standard-sized backpack with your child every day, and check your child’s backpack each night.  This is a great way to start conversations with your child about their day at school.

    Newsletter: Please be sure to read the week’s newsletter, as it explains what your child will be learning for the week and important upcoming events.  

    Thursday Envelopes:  Paloma’s Thursday Envelopes go home every Thursday.  These envelopes contain important—and timely—information from the school and community.  Please date and initial the envelope, and return it empty each Friday.  


    Homework Folder:  Each Friday, your child will bring home their homework folder with a weekly newsletter and a monthly homework calendar.  Please be sure to read the week’s newsletter, as it explains what your child will be learning for the week and important upcoming events. There will be a reading log on the back of your child’s newsletter for parents to sign and return each week.  Please read with your child for 15 minutes each night and write down the book titles.  The pages in the sheet protectors are to be used for daily practice with a dry erase marker provided.  These will be skills your child needs to practice.  The homework folder will be turned in every Friday and will be returned to you on that Friday with a new newsletter.  To help teach your child responsibility, we advise that you complete homework nightly and always keep the folder in their backback.  Please check your child’s backpack daily to empty any completed classwork.  

    Monthly Calendar:  

    A calendar will be sent home each month with suggested homework activities as well. We ask that you initial each activity and return the calendar on the due date listed at the top.

    High Frequency Words:

    Your child will be tested periodically on the high frequency word lists (sight words).  A notice will be sent home to let you know which levels they have passed and which level to begin working on.  We suggest cutting up the flashcards and keeping them in baggies with the list number written on it.  Be sure to always go back to revisit previously passed lists.  Please practice reading and spelling these words.  It is our belief that children benefit from kinesthetic activities. Therefore, we have provided a list of suggested activities to “bring movement to your child’s homework” and help enrich your child’s learning at home.

    Poetry Folders:

    Another folder will be sent home on Fridays with a poem and an activity to complete.  Poetry Folders are due back to school the following Friday at the same time as the homework folder.  We would like your child to have time over the weekend to go back and reread previous poems.

    Gadgets and Toys

    Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school.  We understand that these toys are special and we would not want them to be lost or broken.    


    At Paloma, we do believe that birthdays are worth celebrating.  However, due to federal guidelines, food cannot be part of any celebration.  If you wish to send something with your children to celebrate with classmates, please send such things as pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.  If you send food items of any kind, we will be forced to send them back home.

    If you wish to invite students to a birthday party, please understand that invitations may only be handed out in class if every student is invited.  Otherwise, you may hand out the invitations away from the classroom, outside of school hours.  We will provide a class email list and you can use this to contact parents.

    Literacy Program

    Learning to read, write, and speak effectively is the focus in primary grades.  In order to accomplish this, we will offer students a balanced literacy program.  We will work on the areas outlined below:


    Read Aloud:  The teacher will read literature that is at a higher level than the students’ independent reading ability.

    Shared Reading:  The teacher and the class will share the reading experience of a book or poem that has a rhyme, rhythm or repetition.  The teacher will read the text and the students will join in as they learn the pattern or rhyme.  In addition, students will identify the use of rhythm (syllabication) and alliteration.

    Guided Reading: The teacher will meet with small groups of students and guide them in the decoding and comprehension of text that is at their instructional level (text that they can read approximately 90% without help).

    Independent Reading:  Students will self select literature to read independently.

    Letters and Sounds: During the beginning of the school year, students will learn all 26 upper and lowercase letters and their sounds. They will be expected to tell the correct letter sound for each consonant by November. We use the Zoophonics Program to introduce letters and sounds.  


    In our district, grades K-12, we have three types of writing (opinion, informative, and narrative).  Your child will be exposed to all three types this year through the following practices.

    Shared Writing:  The teacher will model appropriate writing for the students.  We will describe the mental process and the conventions of our writing while demonstrating this to the students.

    Guided Writing:  The teacher will interact with the students in small groups to guide them to improve their writing or enhance their thinking prior to writing.

    Independent Writing:  Students will write independently using our resources within the classroom.  At this time, students are creating their own text, using phonetic spelling and common high frequency words.

    Speaking and Listening

    Students will be participating in collaborative conversations with their peers.  They will be practicing speaking in complete sentences and providing details about a topic.  

    During this process your child will also be listening and responding appropriately to their partner.  

    Essential Math Standards

    In mathematics, we will explore the standards listed below with the use of manipulatives and engaging activities.  

    Number Sense

    Mathematical Reasoning



    Schedule for Kindergarten