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Intradistrict & Interdistrict Requests


Applications will be available online after February 20th.  Please check back for the link at that time.


All applications received by the San Marcos Unified School District Student Services office after February 20th through the last SMUSD school day of March shall be eligible for admission, if openings exist.  Transfer requests submitted during this time period will be considered beginning in May and parents/guardians will be notified of decisions by August. 


It is important that you proceed with enrollment and registration at your child’s current school of residence until you receive a response to your request via regular mail or email.  Please be advised that many SMUSD schools are closed to all transfers, per Board Policy 5116.1.  A list of schools closed to transfers will be posted in February and updated regularly.


Approvals and denials are based on attendance, discipline, satisfactory scholarship and space availability.  If the District approves your transfer, you must contact your school of desired attendance within 2 weeks to proceed with enrollment and secure your spot.


Please be aware that students who live in a school’s attendance area receive priority to attend their home school.  Students on a transfer may be placed back at their school of residence should the school they are attending on an intradistrict transfer reach capacity (except for high school). If the school is at enrollment capacity and your child is attending on an interdistrict transfer, the district may assign your student to another school if and where there is space to accommodate them.


San Marcos Unified School District students (students who live in the SMUSD attendance area) requesting transfers to non-district schools will not be granted transfers automatically to other districts per Board Policy #5117.1.  Approval will depend on the reasons given and whether the reasons can be validated.  Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.  If you have any questions or need additional information please contact the Student Services Office at 760-752-1237.


Thank you for your support of the San Marcos Unified School District,


David Cochrane

Director of Student Services

San Marcos Unified School District