Mental Health & Wellness

About the Program. My life is full of pressure and expectations.

Let's Face It. Together. is a mental health awareness campaign supported by the San Marcos Unified School District and the City of San Marcos. The campaign aims to help youth and teens get support from the District to address mental health challenges.

This program will act as a bridge for students, parents, teachers and administrators by connecting students in need with appropriate services to improve their mental health and quality of life.

The Mental Health Shift
Moving from childhood to adolescence is hard, especially with today’s digital and social issues our students face. While the struggles may not be new, the global pandemic and shifts in virtual and in-person learning, have exacerbated these issues taking a mental and emotional toll on students. We realize students and families may need additional support to navigate this landscape. Let’s Face It. Together.

Removing the Stigma
In addition to expediting a connection to resources for students, the program will work to dismantle stigmas surrounding mental health and break down walls that historically may have prevented those suffering in silence to reach out for help.

Common Mental Health Struggles
Common struggles our students navigate include but are not limited to:

  • Academic and social pressure
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Family instability
  • Relationship issues
  • and more….

SMUSD Wellness Team
Wellness Teams, comprised of school-based mental health providers and family liaisons, have been assembled throughout the District and are prepared to help students who are identified as needing additional emotional or mental health support.

These Wellness Teams will assess the needs of the student and refer them to the best-suited resource within the campus, or to an outside healthcare provider.

Let’s show our students that mental health doesn’t have to be a taboo topic and they aren’t alone. Let’s Face It. Together.


  • TEXT: Students can text SMUSD to 741741 to get immediate and confidential help. They’ll be referred to a wellness advocate who can provide guidance and facilitate a plan that suits their unique needs.
  • TALK: If a student prefers to talk it out first, they can reach out to a counselor, or speak to a trusted adult on campus, who can guide them through the process.
  • CALL: If this is a mental health emergency, don’t wait! Call 988 immediately.

Care SolaceAs an SMUSD staff member or student, if you or someone in your family needs support or connection to services, Care Solace is available to help you navigate a connection to resources. Find out more here.


  • Free: Let’s take the cost out of the equation and focus on what’s important.
  • Confidential: Information will be safe and confidential with the San Marcos Unified School District.
  • Personalized: No two stories are alike, because no two people are the same. We’ll meet students where they are in their journey and tailor our approach to best suit their needs.