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Teacher and Staff Resources. I think I have friends but they don't always want to include me.

Let's Face It. Together. is a mental health awareness campaign supported by the San Marcos Unified School District and the City of San Marcos. The campaign aims to help youth and teens get support from the District to address mental health issues.

Common struggles our students navigate include but are not limited to academic and social pressures, depression and anxiety, family instability, relationship issues, and more.

Mental health doesn’t have to be a taboo topic and our students don’t have to navigate it alone. Let’s Face it. Together.

If a student approaches you asking for help or begins showing signs requiring adult intervention, use the following information to connect them with our program.


  • Help is available no matter what they’re experiencing.
  • Seeking help does NOT mean they are weak.
  • What they’re experiencing is VALID and NORMAL.


  • It’s free: They won’t have to pay a thing. Let’s take the cost out of the equation so we can focus on them.
  • It’s confidential: We're here for the student so they can share what they’re going through when it feels like no one else will listen.
  • It’s personal: No two stories are alike, because no two people are the same. We’ll meet the student wherever they are on their journey and tailor our approach to best suit their needs. It's normal to not feel normal, but they don't have to do it alone.


  • TEXT: SMUSD to 741741 to get immediate and confidential help. They’ll be guided by a wellness advocate who can provide guidance and facilitate a plan that suits their unique needs.
  • TALK: Prefer to talk it out? Students can reach out to a counselor, or speak to a trusted adult on campus, who can provide guidance and facilitate a plan that suits their needs.
  • CALL: If this is a mental health emergency, don’t wait! Call 988 immediately.

SUPPORT FOR STAFF Care SolaceAs an SMUSD staff member, if you or someone in your family needs support or connection to services, Care Solace is available to help you navigate a connection to resources. Find out more here.


San Diego County Office of Education
The San Diego County Office of Education's Virtual Wellness Center includes activities and resources to support the well-being of staff, students, and parents by promoting health and wellness. Visit the Virtual Wellness Center to discover strategies and tools that work for you.