Twin Oaks High School Bus Stops and Departure Times

Student safety and safety aboard school buses are of utmost importance.  Students are required to wear a face-covering while onboard the bus.  Please do not send your student to school if they are experiencing any COVID-related symptoms.

The Bus Drivers will record the students' names and ID numbers to have a bus pass created for them to use each time they ride the bus.  Students must scan their bus pass on the bar code scanner located on each bus, close to the driver's area.  Bus pass scanning is necessary for contact tracing purposes. 

Below is a list of bus stop departure times and corresponding bus route numbers.  Students shall be waiting at their designated bus stop and be ready to board the bus five (5) minutes before their scheduled bus stop departure time listed below.  Bus stop departure times will be adjusted accordingly and updated throughout the school year.  Students should reference this webpage regularly. 

Bus stops are listed below in alphabetical order:

2023-2024 School Year Departure Times

Updated: 08.10.2023

Stop Name Departure Time   AM Route Number  
420 Smilax 8:22 AM Route B
Barham / Hill 7:20 AM Route A
Borden / Camino Magnifico 8:30 AM Route B
Borden / Lacebark 7:43 AM Route B
Corintia / El Fuerte @ La Costa Meadows Elem 8:10 AM Route A
Craven / Rush (Past) @ Transit Stop 7:25 AM Route A
Hibiscus / Sycamore (North Side) 8:09 AM Route B
Hibiscus / Sycamore (South Side) 8:17 AM Route B
Knob Hill / Palomar 7:35 AM Route B
Las Posas / Armorlite (Before) 8:30 AM  Route A
Linda Vista / Rancho Santa Fe (Bradley Park) 8:25 AM Route A
Mulberry / Brass Lantern 7:45 AM Route B
Paseo Acampo / Rancho Bravado 8:15 AM Route A
Pico / 1 Positive Place (Boys & Girls Club) 8:35 AM Route A
Primrose / Azalea 8:01 AM Route B
Smilax / Mira Posa Apartments 8:03 AM Route B
San Elijo Rd / Elifin Forest Rd (West) 7:40 AM Route A
San Elijo Rd / Melrose (Past) @ Transit Stop 7:50 AM Route A
San Elijo Rd / Northstar 7:55 AM Route A
San Marcos Blvd. / Viewpoint (Past) 8:20 AM Route A
South Santa Fe / Community 8:25 AM Route B
South Santa Fe / Las Flores @ Stairs 7:59 AM Route B
Vineyard / Auburn 7:47 AM Route B
Watson / Wellington 8:12 AM Route B
Woodland Parkway / Borden Rd @ Park 7:42 AM Route B
Woodland Parkway / Rock Springs Rd. 7:40 AM Route B