SARB Overview

School Attendance Review Board (SARB) was established by the California legislature in 1975 for the purposes of making a better effort to meet the needs of students with attendance and/or behavior problems and promoting the use of alternatives to the juvenile court system. SARB seeks to understand why students are experiencing attendance and/or behavior problems, and serves as a vehicle to correct those problems when existing school and community resources have been exhausted. SARB is specifically charged with finding solutions to unresolved student attendance and discipline problems by bringing together, on a regular basis, representatives of the multiple agencies that may make up the SARB panel. SARB panel members may include Healthy Start Family Resource Centers, Foster Youth staff, and representatives from the Department of Human Assistance, Child Protective Services, the County Office of Education, Probation and other law enforcement agencies, such as Sheriffs, Police and the District Attorney's Office.