Voluntary Plans - Disability - Life - Legal Aide - Long Term Care

Hyatt/Metlaw Legal Plan
Must Enroll for Full Plan Year no Mid Year Cancellations
Tenthly Deduction of $23.10 No Deductions July and August
Phone: 800-821-6400

Legal Assistance

Estate Planning

Hyatt Legal Plan METLAW ENROLL FORM 10thly.pdf

Voluntary Life Insurance
The Hartford

Hartford Voluntary Life Plan Highlights

Hartford Voluntary Life AD & D Plan Highlights

Hartford Voluntary Life Enrollment Form

Hartford Voluntary Life Evidence of Insurability Form

Unum Long Term Care
Contact: Kitty Ross for additional information

Unum LTC Brochure

Other Benefits Available through American Fidelity
Phone: 866-523-1857
Website: www.afadvantage.com

-Life Insurance

The Standard (CTA) - Available to CTA Members
Phone: 800-522-0406
Website: www.standard.com/cta

-Life Insurance