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If you are interested in pursuing a Leave of Absence please complete the Request for Leave Form by selecting the link below. If you are taking a Maternity Leave, in addition to meeting with Carla Hohmann, please get in contact with LeAnna Warner at (760) 752-1241 to discuss continuation of Health Benefits as well as disability claim information. You can also refer to the Master contract Article XVI regarding information on all leaves that are available to Certificated employees.

Leave of Absence Request Form 
**You will be redirected to Informed K12 in order to complete the Leave of Absence Request form, please log in with your SMUSD email**

Please refer to the links below regarding disability claim forms for American Fidelity and the Standard:


American Fidelity File a Disability Claim


The Standard Disability Claim Form


You can schedule a meeting with Heather Lowery at: [email protected] or (760) 752-1243 to discuss your options for Maternity Leave.

Please refer to the documents listed below for further information regarding Maternity Leaves:



Certificated Personnel

If you have plans on retiring, please attend a retirement planning workshop or schedule an appointment with a local benefits counseling office. You can log into myCalSTRS to manage your personal account information, find available forms to apply for retirement, as well as check the status of your retirement application.

If you have not registered on Cal STRS yet, you can do so by following the link provided below:


The Cal STRS Retirement Guide is listed below, please refer to this guide for more detailed information regarding your retirement options.



Clear and Professional Clear credentials can be renewed online. The Commission on Teacher Credentialing encourages this renewal process. Please click the Educator Page button below and follow the step by step process in order to renew your credential online at the CTC website.




**Course Approval Form Available Here**

Feel free to complete, scan and email a copy of your completed Course Approval Form to: [email protected] 

Please refer to the SMEA/SMUSD Master Contract Article X Section 3: Credit for College and University Training. You will need to complete a Course Approval Application form for every course you wish to receive unit credit. Send the completed Course Approval Form to Amber Christman/HR. These forms should be submitted prior to taking coursework. A Professional Growth Committee that has been selected by SMEA will review this Course Approval Application form and either approve or disapprove it. The Human Resources Department will return the yellow copy of the Course Approval Form to you so that you can see the Professional Growth Committee's action.


**Request for Reclassification Form Available Here** 

Feel free to complete, scan and email a copy of your completed Request For Reclassification Form to: [email protected] 

Please refer to the SMEA/SMUSD Master Contract Article X, Section 3 B: Movement on the salary schedule. Movement down a step every year is automatically done, Column movement is not. It is your responsibility to notice the district of your intent to make a column change for the next school year. You have until March 1st of each year to notice the district of your intent to change columns for the upcoming school year. You will use the Request for Reclassification form in order to request a column change.



Please refer to the SMEA/SMUSD Master Contract, Article XV Section B. Any unit member wishing to transfer to another school or work location for the following school year, shall notify Human Resources on a District provided Transfer Request Form, of the desire to transfer. All transfer opportunities shall be posted on the District website and updated on a weekly basis from April 1st through June 30th. Unit members shall receive an informal interview, if a vacancy exists, for each requested transfer made prior to April 1st. Any unit member applying for a vacancy that did not request a transfer by April 1st shall be interviewed in the regular candidate pool. Only one interview per site will occur annually unless otherwise agreed upon by site administration and the unit member.

Please click on the link below beginning April 1st and ending June 30th for a list of all Certificated vacancies.

**Feel free to email your transfer request form to: [email protected] **


Eligibility:  If you wish to participate in the program you will need to donate (1) sick day annually during the donation cycle which will occur July 1st through June 30th,  by submitting the attached form.  All sick leave donations are irrevocable and all donations to the Bank are general donations and cannot be assigned by you to any specific employee.  Days in the Catastrophic Leave Bank shall accumulate from academic year to academic year.

*If you initially decline to participate you must complete a 20-day waiting period before becoming eligible to request a withdrawal from the Bank after becoming a member of the program. 

*New hires and employees returning from an extended leave of absence will be permitted to join the program within 30 calendar days of working for the District.

In order to request a withdrawal of days from the Catastrophic Leave Bank, please complete the forms listed below and return to Amber Christman in the Human Resources Department, or email to [email protected]

Physicians Certification

CLB Withdrawal Form

Catastrophic Leave Bank Program Participation Form



2022 COVID-19

As of April 1, 2020, employees have new leave options available to them for reasons related to COVID-19. Please see the information sheet below from the US Department of Labor which is also available on the SMUSD Website under the STAFF - FAQ section. 

For additional information, you may also visit the US Department of Labor website:   https://www.dol.gov/newsroom/releases/whd/whd20200401  

Employees have the following leave options available to them for reasons related to COVID-19. Please click on the following link, CLICK HERE COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave, to view the information sheet from the State of California which is also available on the SMUSD Website under the Human Resources Department, HR Documents page.

The following type of leave is available for COVID-19: State of CA COVID Supplemental Paid Sick Leave:

Up to 2 weeks (10 Days) of COVID-19 related sick leave (This leave is not available if the employee has already used it) Employee sick days will not be docked if you request this leave.

Sick Leave - This is using your accrued leave time. A form is required if more than 5 days are used. Employees may use this leave for reasons related to their own personal illness or to care for an eligible immediate family member's illness. You may use any available paid leave. If your paid leave is exhausted, employees may qualify to be paid Differential pay.

To apply for one of these leaves, employees must complete a Leave of Absence form (use the section titled "Other"), **You will be redirected to Informed K12 in order to complete the Leave of Absence Request form, please log in with your SMUSD email** please click link below in order to access Informed K12:
Leave of Absence Request Form

Please also notify your immediate supervisor that you are applying for the leave. 

Employee Rights under FFCRA