Creating a Classroom Environment Conducive to Learning

Sub-objective 1: Establishes and implements clear procedures and routines


Develops daily schedules, timelines, classroom routines and norms

that maximize student learning

Establishes procedures to help students transition smoothly and efficiently from one instructional activity to the next

Sub-objective 2:

Creates a safe and nurturing environment


Demonstrates respect for students in interactions

Promotes positive student interactions that demonstrate care and respect

Acknowledges the interests and opinions of students

Arranges learning to facilitate or provide positive and productive classroom interactions during individual or group work

Sub-objective 3:

Creates a learning environment that promotes

student learning


Standards/objectives are posted

Models/descriptions of proficient performance are shared

Sets high academic expectations for student learning

Redirects students off-task behavior to make the most of instructional time

Evidence of visual aides to support learning content

Sub-objective 4:

Maintains a well-organized classroom


Classroom is clutter free

Supplies, equipment, and resources are easily and readily accessible to teacher and student

Sub-objective 5:

Establishes and maintains clear standards for

individual and group behavior


Establishes and maintains a behavior management system characterized by clear rules and consequences

Attends to disruptive or off-task behavior in an efficient, fair and

equitable manner