Mail Room Services

The mail room is a service function of the Purchasing Department responsible for all incoming and outgoing mail. The Mail Room is responsible for:

  • Metering all outgoing mail
  • Sorting and distribution of incoming mail

To help in the accurate metering of all mail, please reference the documents below, detailing all services and procedures.

To contact the Mail Room, please call 760-752-1232.

Below, please find descriptions and detailed info sheets of the services provided. 

  • Non-Profit Standard Bulk Mail Directions

  • Non-profit Standard (Bulk) mail is any mailing of 200 pieces or more containing the same identical information.

  • Outgoing Mail

    General guidelines for outgoing business mail.

  • Interoffice Mail

    Mailing of documents between school sites or departments within SMUSD.

  • International Mail

    Mailing of documents outside the United States.

  • County Truck Mail

    County mail is any mailing of documents between SMUSD and other school districts within the County.

  • Certified Mail

    Certified mail service provides the sender with a mailing receipt that an article was delivered or that a delivery attempt was made.

Mail Room Forms

Printable forms for mail room services.