Special Education

San Marcos Unified School District Special Education Department
Director Lori Cummins
255 Pico Ave. Suite 250
San Marcos, CA 92069

In the San Marcos Unified School District, we always place students first in order to produce individuals with the confidence and ability to pursue and achieve their highest aspirations...in a safe, supportive environment maximizing their resources of a unified community.”

ESY Waiver

San Marcos Unified School District requests to waive California Education Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 3043(d), which requires a minimum of 20 school days of attendance of four hours each for an extended school year (summer school) for special education students. The district provides ESY services for eligible students with disabilities who are in preschool through the Adult Transition Program at two sites during the scheduled program. The district is proposing to provide a four-week ESY program over 16 days, equivalent to the number of instructional hours provided in a 20-instructional day calendar (including holidays) by lengthening the daily schedule.

  • San Marcos Unified School District proposes to provide ESY services utilizing a 16-day model over a four-week period at 5 hour per day (15 days x 5 hours = 80 hours), providing the same number of instructional hours as in a traditional 20-day model, including holidays (19 days X 4 hours = 76 hours). The proposed model, which extends daily attendance time, results in required instructional time totals, but provides for a reduction in total days of attendance to 16 days, Monday through Thursday, over a four-week period.

Concerns? Please contact Peggy Zapata peggy.zapata@smusd.org