Cafeteria Contact Directory

If you need to contact the school cafeteria, you can call the number listed for your school below and ask for the Site Manager to assist you. Please be aware that someone may not be able to speak with you directly during a breakfast or lunch serve time. These times vary from site to site. Menus and Nutrition information can be viewed at at any time. If you need immediate assistance, please call 760-752-1253 Monday through Friday from 8-4:30pm. This number will put you in contact with the Child Nutrition Services Department at the District Office. Thank you!

School Name Cafeteria Phone #      E-mail

Carrillo Elementary                    760-290-2912                  [email protected]

Double Peak Elementary/Middle   760-290-2352                  [email protected]

Discovery Elementary                 760-290-2056                  [email protected]

Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary       760-290-2858                  [email protected]

Knob Hill Elementary                  760-290-2094                  [email protected]

La Costa Meadows Elementary    760-290-2145                  [email protected]

La Mirada Academy Elementary   760-290-2020                  [email protected]

Paloma Elementary                    760-290-2180                  [email protected]

Richland Elementary                  760-290-2424                  [email protected]

San Elijo Elementary                  760-290-2630                  [email protected]

San Marcos Elementary              760-290-2994                  [email protected]

Twin Oaks Elementary                760-290-2586                  [email protected]

San Marcos Middle                    760-290-2528                   [email protected]

Woodland Park Middle                760-290-2479                  [email protected]

San Elijo Middle                        760-290-2818                   [email protected]

San Marcos High                       760-290-2233                   [email protected]

Mission Hills High                      760-290-2765                   [email protected]

Twin Oaks High                        760-290-2545                    [email protected]

Foothills High                           760-290-2382                    [email protected]