General Purchasing Ordering Procedures


Purchase Orders and Stock Requisitions

Most materials utilized by the District need to be purchased from outside vendors. Before completing an electronic Requisition/Purchase Order for this purpose, staff should refer to the Warehouse Catalog and verify that the item is not stocked in our inventory. The items can be searched for in PeopleSoft. If the item is stocked, please refer to the section under Stock Requisition, under warehouse services, for the procedure to purchase stocked items.

If the item is not stocked, requester will need to create an Electronic Requisition using the "SMUSD E-procurement Requisition to Vendors" process, located under Purchasing Information & Services. Requester can review the North County Educational Purchasing Consortium's website and supply contracts available ( for the current contracts to order General Supplies. If requester does not find the item(s) they are looking for in either the warehouse or the NCEPC contracts, requester will supply the full description, part # and vendor information of where the item(s) can be purchased.

Request for Supplies, Equipment & Maintenance Services that exceed this calendar years value of $88,300 (effective January 1, 2017) will have defined procedures to follow based on commodity and value of request. For Public Works projects, advance planning is required as development of specifications, contract conditions, and scope of work must be clearly outlined and defined before a Bid can be developed. Based on the value of the project, any project that exceeds $175,000 must be traditionally bid with 2 newspaper advertisements that are a week apart from each other. Public Works projects that are valued between $45,000 and $174,999 will follow the Districts CUPCCAA procedures, outlined in Board Policy. Please notify Purchasing, at minimum, 2 months in advance of this type of procurement due to Board approvals required and the timeline a particular bidding process needs.

Without an approved Purchase Order, no staff member is authorized to commit District funds to purchase any supply or service. If this occurs, it is an unauthorized purchase and staff may be held responsible for the payment of the invoice.

When staff desires to purchase an item, or obtain a service, from an outside vendor, the electronic Requisition must be completed and properly routed for signature approvals, prior to order placement. Nothing in this procedure precludes staff from obtaining quotations or making initial contact with a vendor; however, orders may only be placed with an approved Purchase Order number from the Purchasing Department.

Purchasing will make the final vendor selection after researching current bids, quotes and anticipated delivery timelines. A Purchase Order number will be assigned and the order will be placed with the chosen vendor.

Upon receipt of material at the Warehouse, the items received are verified against those listed on the original Purchase Order and are delivered to the site. A receiving signature is required for all deliveries.

Packing slips are forwarded to the Accounting Department for payment processing.




The Warehouse Catalog is currently located within PeopleSoft. Orders for stocked materials must follow the e-procurement stock process. This process can be located under Warehouse Services, Stock Requisition Procedure.

Recommended Additions/Deletions/Changes, as well as feedback on quality of stocked product, may be submitted directly to the Purchasing Department. Upon request, Purchasing will provide a form for this purpose.

Upon delivery of the order, a signature for receipt of material will be requested.

PLEASE DO NOT REORDER BACKORDERED ITEMS, as they are automatically filled as soon as the Warehouse receives the product from the vendor.




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