Budget Update

The Board of Trustees and District leadership have a commitment to ensuring fiscal stability for SMUSD by maximizing limited resources to deliver the best possible education to our students, attracting and retaining high-quality staff, and advocating in Sacramento for fair funding in the long term.

School district budgeting in California can be complex, but we hope that this page answers some of the most common questions asked by our staff, parents and the community at large.

Click the links below to see how we are stewarding funds, how we are tackling budget challenges, and to learn more about school district budgets in general.

As part of a larger education funding system in California, these recent news stories highlight similar challenges mentioned above in other districts throughout the state:

August 23, 2022, The74: Fearing 'Fiscal Cliff', District Leaders Reluctant to Hire Full-Time Teachers

April 20, 2022, Politico: 
Hire now, fire later. Schools flush with cash face funding cliff in 2 years

April 12, 2022, San Diego Union-Tribune: For the first time since 1999, California public school enrollment falls below 6 million

March 30, 2022, Education Week:
 Schools Got Tons of Federal COVID Money. Why Some Are Laying Off Anyway

March 9, 2022, EdSource: Layoff Notices are Back in Some California School Districts in a Year of Plenty: How Come?