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Welcome to DisclosureView, San Marcos USD's online CFD and tax assessment information resource to find CFD information using the Assessor's Parcel Number or Street Address for your property.

About Community Facilities Districts (CFDs)

Community Facilities Districts, or "CFDs," have been used within the San Marcos Unified School District to help build necessary school facilities for our growing community. CFDs normally appear on a taxpayer's property tax bill or County Assessors Notice if the property is within a CFD boundary or overlay.

DisclosureView will only display CFDs that have been formed under authority of the San Marcos USD; for questions about any other CFDs or special assessments appearing on your tax bill, please contact the issuing agency using the telephone number listed on your tax bill.

DisclosureView is used as a resource for questions regarding a San Marcos USD CFD or Special Tax for your property. Click on the link below to get started.

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If you have additional questions about using DisclosureView or the accuracy of CFD information related to your property, please contact our CFD Administrator, Cooperative Strategies, LLC at 877-250-1503 or [email protected] for assistance.

DisclosureView User Tip

After clicking 'Start DisclosureView', enter an APN number or street number followed by the street name only. To avoid a lookup error, do not enter extra characters (e.g., Ave., Ct., Dr., Ln., Rd., etc.)

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