ISPE (Independent Study Physical Education)

Thank you for your interest in Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE).

ISPE Application

The application for fall semester 2023 is now available and may be accessed by clicking on the link above.  Applications should be submitted between May 12th and June 30th, 2023.

Applications for fall semester 2023 are due by Friday, June 30th, at 4:00pm.  Please print out, complete, and submit a scanned copy of the completed application to [email protected].  Do not submit an ISPE application from a student school email address as it will be blocked by our email system and will not be processed.

Completed applications will be reviewed by the ISPE committee.  Parents should be notified via email by July 15th, 2023, regarding the status of their application.

NOTE: All new and returning ISPE students are required to reapply for fall semester 2023 between May 12th and June 30th, 2023.  

For more information, please view Board Policy, BP 6158.1 Independent Study, Physical Education.
For more information, please view Administrative Procedure, AP 6158.1 Independent Study, Physical Education.