Facilities Planning and Development




Tova K Corman, Executive Director

Tova started her journey at San Marcos in December 2015 contributing to the opening of Double Peak School. Between 2016-2019 she led the planning and construction of several large and small Prop K projects, including La Mirada Academy (formerly Alvin Dunn) reconstruction, La Costa Meadows Elementary School reconstruction, San Marcos Middle School building additions and beautification project, and a Districtwide AV/Technology upgrade.

From 2019 on, she spearheaded the redesign of the SMUSD Ag Farm, built the new Building F at Double Peak School among other crucial projects within the District. She played a pivotal part in the strategic planning, design and construction of the full reconstruction of Richland Elementary School, doing 100% of the design phase via Zoom during COVID. Prior to her tenure at San Marcos, Tova worked at Long Beach Unified School District and Santa Ana Unified School District in similar positions.

For 8 years, Tova served on the board for Coalition of Adequate School Housing. Presently, she holds the position of Co-Chair of the Urban Schools, continuing as a deeply committed advocate for ensuring students and teachers receive the educational environment they rightfully deserve.

Department Responsibilities                           

The Facilities Planning and Development Department’s mission is to design and construct effective, safe, and environmentally friendly facilities that foster successful teaching and learning. On top of working with architects, builders, and staff on a daily basis, we also manage other facilities-related items. They include the development of the Facilities Master Plan, residential and commercial developer fee collection, tracking residential development, environmental compliance, and mapping.

  • PLANNING & DESIGN is responsible for planning, designing, and securing funding for the construction, expansion, and modernization of schools within the District.


  • CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT is accountable for executing and overseeing the scope of work outlined by Planning. It supervises building projects from the time of project bidding through the completion of construction, closeout, and certification.
  • THE FACILITIES MASTER PLAN is produced and maintained by the Facilities Department. The purpose of the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) is to provide a fact-based and data-driven report for the Board of Education and District staff to make decisions related to District educational facilities that best serve the needs of all students. The FMP herein uses articulated assumptions for enrollment, school site capacity, and availability of finances and funding. It will help guide the San Marcos Unified School District (SMUSD or District) in constructing new facilities; evaluating existing facilities and programs by site, age, and type; and integrating student enrollment in decision-making processes for current, planned, and future facilities. The scope of this FMP provides the following components and information:
    • Enrollment and Demographics
    • Capacity Analysis
    • Facilities Needs Assessment
    • Financing
    • Implementation Plan


  • RESIDENTIAL/COMMERICAL DEVELOPER FEES are collected by the Facilities Department. All new residential, commercial and industrial construction and/or an addition of covered or enclosed space are subject to the collection of developer fees. This fee is determined by the square footage of assessable space, which is measured from the perimeter of the structure and excludes unoccupied spaces.


  • SCHOOL BOUNDARIES/MAPS are produced and maintained by the Facilities Department. The school boundaries are defined by physical borders for each school within our District.

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Attention all School Sites: Before you modify, change, or add to your site, you must contact us. Please call if you have questions regarding the site modification process. Contact Tova K. Corman, Executive Director Facilities Planning and Development (760) 290-2650 or Ted Norman, Executive Director Maintenance and Operations at (760) 290-2677.