KOC 2023-24 Registration and Enrollment Info

2023-24 KOC Registration Documents, Information, and Forms

Get ready! KOC Registration for 2023-24 is coming! This section contains registration documents for reference. Please read this information carefully!

Registration Dates and Process Announced (English)

Registration Dates and Process Announced (Spanish)

Shifts of Care Offered by Site (Updated 7-5-2023)

How much does KOC cost for 2032-24?
KOC rates are calculated depending on the shift of care and the number of weeks in each month. Please review our rate sheet here:
KOC 2023-24 Rate Sheet

When is KOC open for the 2023-24 school year?
KOC 2023-24 Parent Calendar

Documents and Forms INCLUDED in EZ ChildTrack Registration (included here so you can read them ahead of time):
2023-24 KOC Parent Handbook

2023-24 KOC Statement of Consent

2023-24 KOC Program Contract

2023-24 KOC Fee Information

Other KOC Forms and Documents:
KOC Contract for Custody Orders (please attach one to your application if this applies to your family)

KOC Contract for Split-Pay Accounts (before the 2023-24 school year begins, if you would like to set up a split-pay account to share childcare costs, you will need to contact our office first to set up a split-pay account and submit this form at that time)