Current Year - 2023-24 Registration

2023-24 KOC Registration Documents, Information, and Forms

We have posted info for our upcoming school year registration (2024-25). To avoid confusion, we will be hiding our 2023-24 enrollment in EZ ChildTrack. However, if you need care and would like to enroll for the current school year, 2023-24 (April to June 5th, 2024), please contact our Program Assistant, Kandace Diaz, at 760-752-1279 or [email protected]

How much does KOC cost for 2032-24?
KOC 2023-24 Rate Sheet

When is KOC open for the 2023-24 school year?
KOC 2023-24 Parent Calendar

2023-24 Enrollment Documents
2023-24 KOC Parent Handbook
2023-24 KOC Statement of Consent
2023-24 KOC Program Contract
2023-24 KOC Fee Information

Other KOC Forms and Documents:
KOC Contract for Custody Orders 
KOC Contract for Split-Pay Accounts