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KOC Parent Calendar 19-20 - please be aware of important KOC dates, including closures, minimum days, and holidays!

(Please see the KOC 2019-20 Registration & Enrollment Info page for all documents pertaining to registration for 2019-2020)

2019-20 KOC Information for Parents (included in KOC Registration in EZ ChildTrack):



KOC Parent Handbook 2019-20

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is KOC offered?

For the current school year*, KOC is offered at the following elementary schools serving grades TK-5, except where it is noted otherwise in parentheses:


Carrillo Elementary

Discovery Elementary

Double Peak School (TK-3 only)

Knob Hill Elementary (TK-3 only)

La Costa Meadows Elementary

Paloma Elementary

Richland Elementary 
San Elijo Elementary
Twin Oaks Elementary

* There may be changes to the locations and grades served for the 2020-21 school year. Any changes will be announced prior to registration.

When is KOC open?

Our centers are open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are closed on all school holidays. We will also be closed one day per semester for staff professional development. These dates will be indicated prior to the enrollment period and will be stated in the contract agreement.

How does KOC care work?

KOC care breaks down into 4 shifts:



Before school care for 1st-5th Graders and AM kindergarteners, and before AMK for afternoon kindergarteners



Before school care for students in afternoon kindergarten



After school care for students in morning kindergarten



After school care for 1st-5th graders and afternoon kindergarteners. Morning kindergarteners in PMK roll over into PM care if enrolled.

LCM PMK 1:55-3:10 Due to extended-day kinder at LCM, we offer a shift of care for LCM kinders when they are released from school until regular dismissal time for 1st-5th graders.
CAR Kinder PM 2:10-6:00  Due to extended-day kinder at CAR, the PM shift for kinders runs from 2:10-6:00 pm at CAR only. 
5 days of care are required for any shift. We do not have the option of part-time schedules.

How do I register my child for KOC for the 2019-20 school year?

All families must register and enroll their child(ren) for KOC care online using the EZ ChildTrack website. There is a link on the SMUSD KOC website. There is no paper or in-person registration. Families should arrange to have access to a computer on their site’s enrollment day.

When is KOC Registration for the 2020-21 school year?

Registration dates will be posted in the News and Announcements tab in April of 2020. Please read all information thoroughly. Feel free to call our office with any questions. 

Am I guaranteed a spot? Are there waitlists?

All enrollment is processed on a first come, first served basis. Families who were with us for the 19-20 school year are not automatically guaranteed a spot. Spaces fill up quickly, so it is recommended that you enroll your child as soon as possible after enrollment opens for your site. A $25 registration fee payable by electronic check or credit card (we accept all cards except American Express) is due at the time of enrollment. 

Once a KOC site or grade room is full, we begin a waitlist. As families drop from KOC, we add in families off of our waiting list.

How do I drop off and pick up my child from KOC?

All students must be signed in and out of KOC by a parent, designated sibling in 3rd grade or above (ask for a RELEASE TO SIBLING form), or another person listed on the child’s emergency sheet. Please be prepared to show ID at any time. We use EZ ChildTrack for student sign-in and -out, and all parents and authorized pick-up people must have a PIN. Parents must create PINs for their authorized pick-up people in their EZ ChildTrack Parent Portal.

How will KOC communicate with me?

KOC’s EZ ChildTrack software uses email communications to confirm application submission and to enable KOC to communicate pertinent information to parents. It is important that you use an email address that you check regularly. You will receive an email confirmation that your application was submitted successfully - this means that it is pending approval (in the order it was received) on a space-available basis. You will receive an email once your child has been enrolled to indicate that they have a spot in KOC at their school site. You will also receive an email letting you know if your child has been placed on a waitlist.

KOC administration also uses email blasts from EZ ChildTrack to communicate program-wide information, as well as site specific news and announcements. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you opt in to receive email communications from EZ ChildTrack.

Once your child is enrolled and attending KOC, phone calls are our primary method of communication regarding your child’s day. This will include phone calls to excuse their absences, inform parents of injuries from the neck up, communicate about behavior concerns, and any other pertinent information that needs to be communicated promptly.
Each KOC room also has a Parent Board located on the wall above the sign-in and -out area. This area will include snack calendars, monthly planning calendars, pictures of all KOC staff working at the site, and KOC announcements. Parents should check this area regularly. We also have our District Website for program-wide information, and our KOC Facebook page.

What is a KOC Incident Report?

Incident reports are primarily for communication. They are used to document injuries, illness, and accidents. But we also use them to communicate more broadly about how a child’s day was at KOC. This can include a range of behaviors, including good and poor choices, interactions with peers and KOC Leaders, and things that KOC Leaders want to be sure that parents are aware of. Incident Reports are part of our behavior guidelines and discipline policy found in the KOC Parent Handbook. A KOC Leader should also speak to the parent about an incident report to provide clarification or more details. If the Leader who witnessed the documented incident is not available to talk in person, parents can always request a follow-up phone call. Incident reports keep KOC accountable for communicating to parents and are for KOC records only. Every family should expect to receive incident reports from KOC at some point in the school year.

What kind of activities does KOC provide?

KOC Leaders plan a variety of enriching activities each day. Monthly planning calendars are posted on the parent board so families can see what is scheduled for the month. For each shift, we offer a planned, leader-led activity each day and a supervised group game. These activities include art/craft projects, team building activities, STEM and Makerspace projects, project-based activities using Chromebooks, and more! We encourage students, especially in the upper grades, to share ideas and even lead activities for their peers and younger students. There is also unstructured “free play” time for students to unwind after their school day.

How does KOC snack time work?

KOC serves a snack each afternoon around 3:40 for students enrolled in the PM shift. The menu for the month will be posted on the parent board near the sign-out area. Your child may choose to eat the provided KOC snack, or not. If parents choose to send a snack from home, students may choose to eat that snack, KOC snack, or both, unless otherwise specified by the parent. KOC staff are made aware of all food allergies listed on your child’s emergency sheet. However, if you have specific instructions or questions relating to allergies, please let a staff member know.

My child (in 1st-5th grade) attends AM KOC. Can they be released to regular morning recess?

Yes, if you fill out a RELEASE TO MORNING RECESS form, we will dismiss your child to play at 8:15. They will be under the supervision of the school supervisors and will be responsible for reporting to their classroom at 8:45 when the bell rings. KOC Leaders do not accompany students to supervise them at AM recess.

My child will attend an after-school activity. How do I coordinate this with KOC?

If you have signed your child up for an on-site after-school activity through FitKids or a program organized by your school site (chorus, for instance),please fill out a RELEASE TO ON-SITE ACTIVITY form and return it to a KOC Leader. You can put multiple activities on the same form. Be sure to indicate whether you want your child to return to KOC after the activity, or whether you will be picking up directly from the dismissal point at 4:15 (3:15 on Wednesdays). Fitkids has a quarterly enrollment system, so please be sure to fill out a new release form each time your child's activity schedule changes. Let a staff member know if you  have any questions or concerns.

For Double Peak, San Elijo, and La Costa Meadows, there is a Fitkids Liaison who will pick up kinders from KOC, or from their kinder classrooms for PM kinders, and walk them directly to their activity. Kinders will also be walked back to KOC by the Fitkids Liaison after activities are over.

My child will attend a before-school activity. How do we coordinate this with KOC?

You must fill out a RELEASE TO ON-SITE ACTIVITIES form with the dates, times, and location of your child’s before-school activity and return it to a leader. The leaders will then walk your child to the activity at the time indicated on the form.

My child will be absent from PM KOC. What should I do?

If your child will not be attending KOC, for any reason (absence from school, pick up at the gate, going home with a friend's parent, walking home, off-campus extracurricular activity, etc), please call your child’s KOC room any time during the day to let a staff member know or to leave a message. Please include your full name, your child’s full name, your child’s grade, and the date of the excused absence. We cannot take your child’s word for it if they say they will be absent. We greatly appreciate your help in reducing the number of absence phone calls we have to make each day!
If we do not get a call excusing your child from attending KOC on a day they are scheduled to attend, you will get a call from a KOC staff member verifying that your child is with you or otherwise accounted for.

Can my child do their homework at KOC? Is there someone to help them with homework?

Yes, grades 1-5 all set aside time for homework. You may add your child to the Homework Club List in their KOC room if you wish to require that your child finish their homework before being allowed to play. Students may start their homework during daily check-in/attendance time and may finish it after snack time. A KOC leader will be present inside the classroom to supervise, maintain a quiet environment conducive to concentration, and help answer students’ homework questions. However, KOC cannot provide one-on-one tutoring or help with every question on your child’s homework. Students being disruptive after repeated warnings will be removed from homework time and parents will be notified. See a staff member if you have specific questions.
KOC also has Chromebooks and students will have time on Lexia or Dreambox at least once per week. Students may also request to silent read at any time.

What is KOC Camp?

KOC Camp is full-day KOC care provided during school breaks. We offer Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, and Summer Camp. Camp enrollment is separate from regular school year enrollment, so parents must sign up on EZ ChildTrack for Camp care. Families can select any number of days for Camp. We offer Camp at fewer locations than our school year program, prioritizing sites with two or more classrooms to divide students into age-appropriate groups. Camp locations may be determined by District facilities and maintenance projects on site which take priority. We have Camp with field trips and Camp that stays on site with no field trips. All Camps offer a day of planned, leader-led activities to keep the students engaged. Camp registration is available online approximately one month before the school vacation to which it corresponds.

For Kindergarteners:

How does my child get to and from their kindergarten classroom?

Leaders will walk kinders to either AM or PM kindergarten, directly to their teacher’s meeting location. The teachers will then walk their students to class. For pick up of both AM and PM kinders, our KOC leaders will pick up students directly from their classrooms and walk them to KOC. Kindergarteners never go anywhere without an adult to accompany them.

When does my child eat lunch? How can I put money in my child’s lunch account?

Kindergarteners at Discovery, Double Peak, Paloma, Richland, and San Elijo eat their main lunch at KOC. You may send a packed lunch for your child or if you want them to buy lunch from the cafeteria, the staff will walk them to the cafeteria at lunch time. To add money to a student lunch account, you can put cash in a yellow deposit envelope and: 1) deliver it to the cafeteria yourself; or 2) give it to a KOC staff member who will take it to the cafeteria for your child at breakfast or lunch time; or 3) deposit money electronically through www.MySchoolBucks.com (please be aware that it can take a few days for funds to post to your child’s account). If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s lunch, please let a staff member know.

Kinders at Carrillo, Knob Hill, La Costa Meadows, and Twin Oaks have either extended-day or full-day kindergarten and therefore eat lunch at school during their academic day. 

From our SMUSD CNS Department: FINANCIAL HARDSHIP – School Meal Availability  

In accordance with the USDA Eligibility Manual for School Meals, any household may apply for school meals anytime during the school year.  For your convenience, meal applications are available online at www.smusd.org/cns, or paper applications are available and can be submitted at school offices, school cafeterias, and the District office. For more information call: 760-752-1253

General meal application information:
A household may apply for benefits at any time during the school year. Children of parents or guardians who become unemployed or experience a financial hardship mid-year may become eligible for free and reduced-price meals.

Only one application is required for all children in the household attending schools in the same Local Educational Agency. (LEA)

What about Early Release Wednesdays, aka “Wacky Wednesdays”?

Kinders attend KOC as usual on early release days. KOC leaders will automatically pick up both AM and PM kindergarteners 1 hour earlier at Discovery, Double Peak, Knob Hill, Paloma, Richland, San Elijo, and Twin Oaks. There is no need for special schedule changes. Students scheduled for KOC from 11:50-3:10 may still stay at KOC until that time, although regular school dismissal is at 2:10.

There is no Early Release Wednesday for extended-day kinder programs at Carrillo and La Costa Meadows. 
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