School Safety

At SMUSD, we take the safety of our students and staff seriously and with the utmost importance. Some of our safety practices include individual school site safety plans, regular trainings, strong and longstanding relationships with our law enforcement partners, and equipping school sites with Student Resource Officers.

Summer 2022 Drills:

Additionally, our SMUSD Safety Team is ready to respond to incidents involving our campus safety:

Safety Procedures:

Step 1: Assess the situation

Step 2: Ensure safety of all students & staff    

Step 3: Notify appropriate emergency services, e.g. police/SRO, fire, paramedic

Step 4: Collaborate with District Office staff

Step 5: Communication to families as soon as possible in coordination with PIO

Step 6: Follow up with social emotional support as needed 

The above procedures are followed for every incident regarding campus safety, including rumors or potential threats.

Additionally, we empower and build relationships with our students to share any safety-related information with school site leaders immediately - if they see something, say something. 

Additional Resources 
Please see the following resources created by the San Diego Office of Education to help parents/guardians and educators discuss with students: