Exhibiting Professionalism

Sub-objective 1: Collaborates and works cooperatively with staff/team/departments to implement best practices


Regularly contributes and participates in staff/team/department


Demonstrates professional demeanor

Sub-objective 2:

Reflects on student performance and teacher

actions to determine what students did well, where

they had difficulty and implications for instructional



Demonstrates respect for students in interactions

Promotes positive student interactions that demonstrate care and respect

Seeks out, and is receptive to the interests and opinions of all


Arranges learning to facilitate or provide positive and productive classroom interactions during individual or group work

Sub-objective 3:

Communicates effectively with staff, students, and parents


Gives students and parents clear, user-friendly learning and behavior expectations

Responds in reasonable amount of time to student and parent concerns

Demonstrates respect and maintains appropriate boundaries with parents, students, and staff

Sub-objective 4:

Maintains appropriate records and documentation within the expected timeframe


maintains grade book

completes daily


referrals, SPED

documentation, etc.,

independent study,

behavior contracts

Sub-objective 5:

Follows all legal requirements, district and site policies and contractual agreements